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Snoopdogg the Beagle

In October 2005, as part of my membership with Beagles of New England States (B.O.N.E.S.) I rescued a 1 ½ year old male beagle from Faxon Animal Rescue League. This poor beagle had been severely abused and had lived in 4 different homes during his short life. He was scared to death and had numerous issues one of which was separation anxiety. He was supposed to be placed in a foster home by B.O.N.E.S. the day after I signed him out of the shelter, but unfortunately the home that he was due to be placed in was unavailable due to an emergency.

Snoop Dog (formerly known as Bambino) stayed with us and was placed up for adoption with B.O.N.E.S. Snoopy grew on our hearts but the separation anxiety was a big issue. He wanted absolutely no part of being crated (tore up a $100 dog bed in about ½ hour), could not be trusted to be out of the crate while we were at work, and even with the companionship of our other beagle going in the same crate he still would not calm down. Our other Beagle “Angel” had kept my mom company during the day while we worked but 2 dogs roaming the house seemed a little much for her at her age (little did she know Snoopy would grow on her heart like he did ours – now she spoils him tremendously). After passing PaPa Bow Wow’s Playschool every day on my way to and from work I decided to call to beg for help – little did I know Paul Hankins would be the saving grace! Paul asked some questions about Snoopy and told me to bring him that afternoon along with my other beagle Angel. Angel was very anti-social with other dogs so I thought this would help her as well. Snoopy fit right in since he had spent so much time at the shelter, but Angel had a little issue in the beginning (like a kid on the first day of kindergarten) due to her being anti-social. In only a few short days there was such a tremendous difference in both dogs. Snoop’s anxiety issues were weakening and Angel was becoming the “social butterfly.” After just a week of daycare we decided to make Snoop Dog a permanent part of our family. Paul with his years of training rehabilitated both dogs and today they are extremely well behaved and absolutely love going to Papa Bow Wow’s Playschool. Snoopy even sits by the door in the morning waiting to leave. When I pick them up after work they are very excited to see me and tell me all about their day – I listen to stories all the way home. When they get home they are ready to settle in for the night. It’s a wonderful thing!

While attending playschool, we met Leigh who owns Pet Lover II. She was extremely kind and helpful and explained so much about animal care that I didn’t know. We started to discuss dog food and the products that are used in dog food. I was mortified when I found out what I was feeding my “babies.” I explained to Leigh the types of things that I found bothered their stomach and she recommended that I try an all natural dog food.

They absolutely loved it. I found a big difference in their overall health. We started spending more time in the store part of the playschool on a weekly basis and thanks to Leigh they are eating healthier and are the best dressed dogs at daycare.

I cannot thank both Paul and Leigh enough for their dedication, quality of care, and kindness that they provide to my “babies.” Without Paul’s training ability and in depth understanding of animals I do not know if I would have been able to keep Snoop Dog. Snoop and Angel bring so much joy to our home – I can’t imagine life without the two of them. Thank you Paul and Leigh for your continued dedication to Angel and Snoop.

Brenda Beaudry

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