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Busta the Boston Terrier

Testimonial on Paul's training

We had two peke's and decided to bring another dog, Busta the Boston terrier into our home. Upon doing so the house was in a uproar and unfortunately one of them had to go; after weeks of separating them and fighting we couldn't all live together. I had looked into my options and was referred to Mr. Hank. We went for a 40 minute session with Mr. Hank being the alpha dog and we went home and walked into the door together. With his instruction I have learned to be the alpha mommy and keep control of the home. Things worked out so well that we just added a rescue dog to our home and our first visit was to Mr. Hank. He introduced them to each other, kept control of the situation with only his voice and again we walked into our home as a family. We couldn't have kept Busta without the help of Mr. Hank and we would NEVER have thought about getting another dog. With the last dog, Boots the Boston terrier I had made an appointment with Mr. Hank before even signing the adoption paperwork.

Testimonial on Doggy Day Care

Our Boston Terrier Busta is too hyper to play with his Peke brother and sister so we bring him to day care once a week to give him an outlet for some of his energy. He gets excited every week when I say "its time to go see Mr. Hank", jumping like crazy waiting to put his coat on, then sitting in the front seat of the car awaiting his arrival. I know when I pick him up at night the more dirt on the coat the more fun he had. And he confirms his fun by sleeping all that night and most of the next day. I have always seen positive reinforcement from Mr. Hank with the dogs; when you speak to him you will pick up on his love for dogs.

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