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About Papa

   "Papa" Paul Hankins of Papa Bowwow's Play school, began his life as a dog trainer and day care operator as a quest to understand the minds and hearts of the shelter dogs that he volunteered to help. In 1994, the then Raytheon engineer answered a plea from a local shelter for dog walkers and kennel cleaners. In Paul's own words, "It was rewarding working with stray, abused and abandoned animals, but I soon realized that they needed more than food and shelter; they needed to be understood.

   Towards that goal, Paul enrolled in the CT, K9 Ed. Center’s Professional Dog Training program, acquiring an insight into dogs’ behavior and emotional needs, and receiving certification in 2000. Two years later, as the shelter manager, Paul realized that having to deal with city officials he could better serve the community as an Animal Control Officer, so he enrolled in the MA Animal Control Officer Certification course, becoming certified in 2003.

   In 2005, Paul opened Papa BowWow’s Play School, a place where, as he puts it, “dogs can be dogs”. Paul’s unique dog training style is evident from the beginning. There are no closed doors, except for those that keep the dogs safe, and owners take an active part in their loved one’s training. In fact, the owner is trained along with the dog, and they truly function as a team. Paul espouses NO negative reinforcement, believing that while it may work to produce the desired behavior, the training that results is an obedience from fear.

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"A dog's loyalty is unsurpassed by any human relationship."


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